A real Michelin Star … from the tascas! For work reasons, I have been to Coimbra many times in the last 6 months. And every time I dined there, there was always a unanimous suggestion: Zé Manel dos Ossos. “You really have to go there, it’s really worth it, it’s a spectacle! The best bar in the area! “… things that leave me with my mouth watering! But afterwards, for many different reasons, we were choosing other places for dinner, and Ze Manel was falling behind … but only until a few days ago. And I just regretted not going there earlier! Because I have for myself that there are taverns that deserve their own Michelin Star, because they are perfect in every way – food, service, ambiance and price. And if this existed, the Ze Manel of Bones would undoubtedly have said Star!

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Beco do Forno 12, Coimbra 3000-192, Portugal