Reliable Cork Solutions is a classic company as it is owned by the 7th generation family, the origin of which dates to 2009, and since the year of inception, it has been wholeheartedly and committedly supplying the best in class wine corks and natural cork products. Why one should consider Reliable Cork Solutions is RCS Portugal owns a small vineyard and winery in Douro, Portugal, it has an old and unique experience and first-hand knowledge with any and everything related to the successful bottling and storage of wine. Starting from our experience of winemaking till the conversion of raw materials to the cork which preserves them we provide expertise in this area end to end. Mr. Hugo Guimarães started following his grandfather when he was 6 years old and after his keen interest and graduation built an important alliance with Reliable Cork Solutions in the USA following his dreams and inventing the slim cork.


Looking at our base, we cover five continents. The cork harvesting process is made a very special one by sourcing all the raw materials and the production of those being optimized by minimal overhead costs so that our end product cost-effectively reaches the consumer. You can contact us through a very simple process by filling a contact form on our Website and leaving behind your email address and phone number and we will reach out to you instantly. We endeavor to provide every single customer satisfaction with the products and the service. We carefully and with utmost care select our raw materials for their conversion to the best natural cork stoppers. We stand out well in the era of competition and which can be witnessed by the quality of our products and their usage.


A nossa localização

Rua das Aradas 32, Portugal